Why a dog is better than a wife

Why a dog is better than a wife – If you’re like me, you were probably shocked by the title of this post. I hope you’re not one of those people who think that women are better than dogs. I mean, what woman in her right mind would want to be compared to a dog? I’ll tell you what — no woman wants to be compared to a dog.

But let me tell you why this is true. Dogs do everything I ask them to do. They don’t question me. They don’t complain. They don’t argue or leave the room when I’m talking. They don’t nag me to buy the stupid things they don’t need. They don’t ask me why I don’t kiss them more often, or why I don’t hold them more. They don’t make me take them to stupid movies or hang out with their stupid friends.

Dogs don’t expect me to be anything but myself. If all of my friends were dogs, I’d never be lonely. My dog doesn’t tell me to stop smoking. Dogs don’t care if I don’t shave for a week. Dogs don’t care if I’m in a bad mood. Dogs don’t care if I’m happy. Dogs don’t care if I’m rich or poor.

Giving examples of the best Dog and Wife.

Have you ever heard the saying: “A dog is better than a wife”? Well, it’s a well known saying that has been around for quite some time. It’s quite simply comparing a dog to a wife. Dogs are most cherished companion animal to humans. It’s always loyal and faithful, more than a wife. It’s true a dog can’t cook for you, clean your clothes, and bring you beer, but a dog will always love you unconditionally. Here are some points that prove that dogs are better than wives.

Why Dog is better than Wife?

Dogs were created to love unconditionally, spend time with you, play with you, and snuggle next to you when you feel down. They’re loyal and protective, and they genuinely want to make you happy. Even when you’re having a rough day, your dog will be there to cheer you up.

Dogs are the perfect companions, and they will never betray you. They will always be loyal and loving. Dogs don’t care about your social status or the amount of money you have, and they don’t care about your age or race. Dogs are the most loving creatures in the world, and because of that, they’re better than wives.

Why you should prefer Dog than wife?

Most of you might not believe, but dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs never judge you, they always love you and they are always ready to be there for you. Dogs are loyal and they are very protective of the house. Dogs are obedient and they won’t ever try to cross the line and go out of the house without your permission. Dogs don’t need to be catered, they can feed themselves and they can even clean themselves.

They are easy to train and they are always ready to learn something new. Dogs are playful and they will never get bored. They are always ready to play with you and they will never get tired. Dogs are trustworthy and they always keep their promises because they are very honest and loyal.

Dogs are patient and they will never get angry at you. They will always love you and they will never hurt you. Dogs don’t make false promises and they always keep their words. Dogs are always ready to make friends with others and they don’t care about the status or the financial conditions of the other person.

Why Dog is better than Wife?

I think my dog is better than my wife. Dogs do not gossip about you with the neighbor or complain about the carpet not being vacuumed. They are faithful and show unconditional love. Dogs do not care if you go bald or gain 30 pounds.

They are a great cuddle buddy and warm blanket. Dogs do not care if you leave the toilet seat up. Dogs do not care if you play with other dogs. Dogs do not care if you change your mind. Dogs do not care if you are rich or poor. They just care that you are happy and give them love.

Dogs have a very strong sense of loyalty to their master. They are always there for you and don’t ask for much in return. Dogs are cheerful, playful and faithful. They are a man’s best friend. Their love and care are unconditional.

Dogs are always ready to greet you with a smile. Dogs are always willing to help you out. They are ready to be there for you in your bad times as well as good times. A dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are always ready to help you out.

What happens to your dog in your wife’s life?

Nowadays, people wish to have a cute pet dog as a member of their family. Dogs can be really adorable and you can take them for a walk outside or play with them. However, the pet dog is not just a cute pet, but it can become the best friend of the owner, who will always be beside you.

In fact, most of the people want to spend their life with a pet dog, because they can be loyal and true to their owners. But, here is a question, what will your dog do when there is your wife in your home? Will it always stand beside you when your wife is there? Or will it go far away from you and become a loyal friend of your wife?

Who is better at emotional support?

One of the biggest debates between pet owners and non-pet owners is who is better at emotional support: dogs or wives? The answer is that either a dog or a wife can be the best emotional support, depending on the circumstances. Dogs are loyal and affectionate animals.

They are able to understand human emotions, sometimes even better than human beings, who can’t understand them at all. Dogs will sense your mood and will be there to comfort you and help you in difficult situations. But they will also be there to be a playmate and to make you smile, if you need to.

If a dog is good at emotional support, a wife is also good at emotional support. She will be supportive and understanding, just like a dog, but she will be able to do more than just giving comfort. She will be there to help you out in tough situations, to offer advice and to help you solve your problems. She will be able to give you a shoulder to cry on and she will be your friend.


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