Top 5 Foods for Dogs in Winter to Keep Your Dog Warm

Winter can be very relieving for dogs who have long, furry coats. They love exercising in the winter and eating warm food to stay comfortable. But what food is best for my pet buddy that I can give to him/her without any issues? Dog owners don’t need to break the bank to find good, warming foods for their loving pets. Today, we have brought you the top 5 foods for dogs in winter that you can find in your refrigerator easily.

Top 5 Foods for Dogs in Winter to Keep Your Dog Warm

Fatty foods are usually great for dogs in cold temperatures as they warm the gut and give instant energy. A slight increase in the weight of your fur baby can also protect them from feeling the chills. Here are the top 5 foods you can give your dog any time during winter.

1. Chicken Broth

Ensure the chicken is fresh and the broth is hot when you serve it. If you want to combine meals for your dog, you can always include the broth in the dry meat your dog is having anyway. 

Chicken is a tender and easy-to-digest meat that provides a significant quantity of protein – essential for canines in winter. The broth also provides ample hydration and helps retain heat in the body.

2. Carrots

These vegetables are healthy treats for dogs and are pretty chewable, too. Due to this, carrots are great for dental health and can increase your dog’s appetite in winter.

These wedges don’t have high-calorie or high-fat levels but still provide energy and essential vitamins. Surprisingly, these vegetables are also known for keeping the body warm by improving blood flow and sleep.

3. Red Meat

Mutton is the most fatty and healthy meat you can give your dog. It is a heavy source of lean protein, iron, and vitamin B. You can also try giving them sheep and lamb meat if goats aren’t readily available.

Red meat keeps your dog not only warm but also decisive. If your dog has had recent colds or infections, red meat will help them recover faster. Another great source of warmth and nutrition in winter is animal liver.

4. Cod Fish

Omega 3, amino acids, and antioxidants – the fish is a powerful immunity-packed treat for your dog in the harsh, chilly weather. Cod fishes are full of good calories and provide sufficient protein. 

Codfish and their liver are also known to improve eyesight in dogs. Additionally, they contain Omega 6, calcium, iron, and potassium in small quantities. Salt isn’t good for dogs, so make sure you are always picking the non-salted fish variety!

5. Oatmeal

Dogs need a good quantity of healthy fiber in cold weather. The best way to add fiber to their diet is to give them plain oatmeal with no seasoning. These contain soluble fiber, zinc, iron, and vitamin B.

Oatmeal should be given in small quantities after being thoroughly boiled and softened. Not only do they maintain body warmth and excellent fur quality, but they also help in weight management and respiratory swiftness.


Foods that keep dogs warm are easy to find and are usually already a part of what they consume. Even then, it is essential to monitor their writers and sleep patterns during extreme colds. Dogs built for warm climates should never be brought to alpine temperatures as this can affect their immunity, digestion, and cardiovascular system.

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