How to Get Rid of Cat Dandruff?

As a cat owner, you will have to be careful with a lot of stuff with your cat. You may often face issues like cat dandruff which is a common issue faced by many people who have cats. Cat dandruff are white flakes that you may see on the fur of your cat. 

Dandruff on cats can cause the skin to become dry and ruff. This occurs due to dehydration, improper grooming, skin infection, malnutrition, etc. This article will guide you through all the ways to get rid of Cat Dandruff. 

Ways to Get Rid of Cat Dandruff

Before getting ahead it is essential to know the root cause of the cat dandruff. A cat can develop dandruff due to a lot of reasons like improper grooming, obesity, dehydration, improper diet, skin infection, as well as due to hormonal conditions. Here’s what you can do to deal with the cat dandruff-

1. Groom your Cat

Groom your Cat

A proper bathing schedule must be followed to keep the fur of your cat clean. You can use a shampoo suited for cats to clean the fur. You can use anto-dandruff shampoo to get rid of dandruff. Ensure you are not too aggressive with the bathing else it may irritate the cat. You can use lukewarm water to clean your cat. Also, don’t forget to dry your cat; you can use a clean dry towel for that. 

Once you are done bathing your cat, you need to brush the hair of your cat. Cats with short hair/fur can be brushed once a week, but if your cat has long hairs then they must be brushed regularly. 

2. Give Enough Water to Your Cat

Cats need approximately 105-135 ml of water per 5 pounds of their weight. Lack of water in their body can make their skin dry and cause dandruff. Ensure you give enough water to your cat when feeding her. You can include wet food in their diet to ensure they stay hydrated. 

3. Ensure Proper Diet

Ensure Proper Diet

Just like humans cats also need a balanced diet. You should add fatty acids to their food like omega acids and fish oil. You can also feed meat, poultry, grain and/or grain byproducts, fish meal, fiber sources, milk products, and vitamin and mineral supplements to your cats.

4. Have an Appropriate  Environment

Always keep your cat in a clean place without dust, dirt, and allergens. Ensure the room where you are keeping them has moisture to prevent their skin from drying. To maintain the humidity and the moisture of the place, you can use a humidifier in the place where you keep your cat. 

5. Health Problems

Health Problems

Health issues like skin infections, allergies, and parasites, can also cause dandruff. If you notice signs of any of these health problems on your cat then you should visit the vet. A vet will help you find out the root cause of the issue and give medications and a proper guide to get rid of the dandruff on your cat. 


It is common for your cat to have dandruff. You can manage it by regular grooming, a well-balanced diet, feeding them essential fatty acids, proper hydration, etc. You can follow the above guide to treat dandruff on your cat.

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