Why Your Dog Snores: Is it Normal?

Dogs are like little infants whose every move must be closely monitored. Now, if your pup baby starts snoring out of nowhere all of a sudden, it is bound to cause a lot of anxiety! On the other hand, some dogs tend to be snoring ever since they are born – and coupled with other health-compromising symptoms, these can be equal causes of worry. But why does your dog snore, and how do you prevent them from doing so? Keep reading to find out everything.

Know Why Your Dog Snores?

Dogs are mammals just like the rest of us – so it is no surprise that they have similar respiratory systems and symptoms. So, just like human beings, dogs can snore for absolutely no reason at all. It might be something that is happening with age or a quirky sleeping position.

But in unfortunate situations, sudden and unprecedented snoring can be a cause of respiratory blockages such as infection or allergies, rapid weight gain, an unhealthy cardiovascular system, and even an abscessed tooth. If your dog has been snoring all their life, you still might want to get them checked for underlying congenital conditions about breathing or heart.

5 Common Causes for Dogs Snoring in Sleep

If it is indeed something, here is what it is most likely to be:

1. Upper Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infection in the upper part of the lungs or the trachea can cause inflammation, which blocks further air passage. Anyone who has asthma knows that respiratory infections get worse when you lie down! So when your precious canine is taking rest, it takes in air that is making noise as it gets to its lungs. 

2. Obesity

Very similar to a human, an obese dog faces stress on its heart due to the additional fat constricting its blood vessels and causing them to narrow down. These dogs usually breed frequently and have a very high heartbeat rate.

3. Twisted Sleeping Position

Twisted Sleeping Position

The sleeping position must be proper; otherwise, it will affect the growth of the dog while at the same time making it impossible for it to breathe freely. Often, dogs who are very tired fall asleep in twisted positions, blocking blood circulation in certain areas of their body.

4. Hypothyroidism

This is a widespread but debilitating condition among dogs in which changes occur across the body due to the inflammation or shrinkage of the thyroid gland.  The gland keeps getting destroyed, which leads to the production of insufficient or inappropriate levels of thyroid. Thankfully, it can be treated, and your dog can return to everyday life – the earlier a diagnosis is made, the better!

5. Nothing at All

Snoring can be completely harmless, or it can be the general characteristic for certain dog breeds – most of the time, it is both! Dog breeds that snore easily are mostly those that have a slight nasal passage – this includes Pugs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzu, Boxers, Pekingese, etc.

What to do if Your Dog Snores?

There is no reason to feel helpless. If you are worried about your dog, you can make quick observations and tweaks to change the situation rapidly. 

1. Check for Other Symptoms

Significant medical conditions usually always manifest as multiple conditions. Check for everything your dog might have and observe for other behaviors that depict breathlessness, discolored patches on the coat, a uniquely smelling breath, etc.

2. Get Some Exercise

Get Some Exercise

Take your dog for exercises frequently and make changes to its diet. Replace anything fatty with alternatives that are rich in protein and have deficient levels of bad cholesterol. This is a slow process, but if done right, it can lead several years into your dog’s life. 

3. Clean and Moist Environment

Sometimes, the dog is simply snoring because the surroundings are arid, which makes their nasal passage and mouth dry as well! A dry and dirty environment is also the home to several germs and allergens. 

4. Go to the Vet

Why Your Dog Snores: Is it Normal?

Finally, make an official visit to the vet and get your dog checked from head to toe. Anything from medicines to dietary plans can be requested so that your dog gets back on his feet and has a smooth sleeping routine once again. 


This was our take on ‘Why Your Dog Snores and What To Do’! We hope this article helped you understand why your Dog snores and how to solve this issue of them. 

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