Is it Safe to Blow Dry a Dog? The Ultimate Guide to Canine Hygiene & Care

In short, it is safe to blow dry our dogs if we follow the proper techniques and use the right equipment. Blow drying has many benefits for canines – it makes sure that little dogs are not running around all wet and catching a cold, while at the same time, they have their coats look bright and shiny! But like all good things, there are rules, and there are challenges. 

Is It Safe To Blow Dry a Dog?

It is safe to blow dry a dog, but only if we are using hair dryers built for dogs themselves. Using human hair dryers can make the tiny creature feel hot and dry – if we use the wrong technique, we can even burn the baby! Just like us blowing on our scalp, we need to apply heat protectant serums, creams, and vitalizers on our dogs’ bodies if they are getting frequently dried off. 

The Best Dog-Friendly Blow Dryer: How To Choose

Now that we know we must invest in a dog-friendly blow dryer, what are we to look for?

1. They Should be Made For Your Dog

Dogs can come in different shapes and sizes, and so can their blow dryers! The machines come in various heat levels for other breeds depending on the strength of the dog as well as the growth of their coat. If you purchase for the first time, approach a professional and give them specific details about your dog.

2. Compact and Gentle

These dryers are best made tiny and compact because your dog can quickly get scared or develop a hostile attitude towards a vast and hot thing! Use your hand to check the heat level to see if it is gentle enough – after all, you know your dog the best! 

3. Keep A Noiseless Machine

Your pup is very sensitive to noise! A hairdryer that makes any sound is a big no-no for dogs – even if that sound sounds negligible to the human ear. 

4. Look Into Third Party Reviews

You can learn a lot from the experience of other pet parents by simply going online and reading through the third-party reviews of all the hair dryers you have shortlisted. This will give you an idea of the many problems you might face on this new journey. 

Quick Tips on Blow Drying a Dog Safely

To maintain excellent coat quality and also ensure that your dog feels safe, you should pay attention to doing the following things.

1. Don’t Hold Them Against Their Will

Listen to your dog. If they don’t want to dry off in a blow dryer, let them go for now. Instead, focus on slowly conditioning them into believing this is a fun experience! You can also use common training tricks for this.

2. Clean, Dry, and Closed Environment

Blow dry your dog in a room at a moderate temperature so that the heat does its job without hurting the poor thing. Ensure the room is dust-free and dry because otherwise, the dryer will be almost worthless. Lastly, always make it a point to dry your dog indoors.

4. Towel Dry First

Draw your dog in a towel and let them shake off the additional water. Just like with human hair, let the fur dry at least 20-40% before you play it in front of the machine. If the coat is too wet, the blowing session will be harsh, and the pup will hate it.


Is it safe to blow dry a dog? This was our question for today, and we dove down deep to cover all aspects of this exciting area. Dogs enjoy being blow-dried, especially in the winter, when running around all damp can feel extremely uncomfortable. If your dog seems to be actively resisting the blow dryer, you may be doing something wrong

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