How to Know if Your Dog is Hungry?

If you are a dog owner, then it is important to know when your buddy is hungry. It often happens with dog owners that they cannot recognize whether their dog is hungry or not, even if it gives them clear signs.

You should not keep your dog hungry, but it is also important to avoid overfeeding them, as this can lead to health issues. But how can I know if my dog is hungry? This article lists all the signs you must look for to know whether your dog is hungry or simply craving more.

Signs to Know if Your Dog is Hungry

Your dog will come by your side and look at you like they are demanding something when hungry. But what if you have just given them food? Did they have enough food, or were they still hungry? Let’s go through some clear signs you must look for to know if your dog is hungry.

Low Energy


The very first clear sign that your dog will show when they are hungry is low energy levels. Dogs are often playful and love playfully wandering around their favorite person. If your dog’s energy level is low, they are hungry or didn’t have enough food when you fed them. Their low energy levels may also impact how they walk, and their body language will change. Your dog will not be interested in their favorite activities if hungry.

Constant Whining

Your dog will start barking or whining when they are hungry. They will constantly whine and show strange behavior if they haven’t had enough food. Also, notice whether your dog barks at the sight of food. You will notice them whining or barking while you are preparing food or when they see you get something to eat. If they are doing this, you must feed your dog.

Chewing Items


It is common for dogs to chew items that are not edible (like toys); they often do it. So how can I know if they are hungry if they do this? If your dog is hungry, they will start eating items from places where they shouldn’t be. They might start eating from garbage cans when hungry. As a dog owner, you might have given your dog chew toys, but if they start chewing something apart from that, ensure you give your dog a proper diet.  

Dog Seeking Attention

Dogs are playful, but if they start seeking your attention, then they are probably hungry. They may try to make eye contact or show excitement by wagging their tail when you are cooking food. Your dog may show restlessness or wander around you to seek your attention and show that they are hungry. To grasp your attention, they may move around holding their food bowl.

Laying on the Feeding Area


Many people feed their dogs in a particular area. If your dog goes to that feeding area and stays there, they are hungry, and that’s their way of asking for food. They might stare at their feeding bowl while lying down at their place.

Your dog will start constantly staring at food because they are hungry. If you have other pets, they can steal their food because of hunger.

Licking Lips and Paws

When your dog licks their lips or paws, it can be due to hunger. Licking stimulates saliva, which alerts the brain that it needs food. Your dog will start licking their lips and paws when they need food to satisfy their hunger. Dogs do this to show hunger and get attention from their owner to give them food.

Change in Body

If your dog is hungry for too long, you may notice some changes in their body. Try rubbing your hand over the ribs and see if you can feel their ribcage. If you can feel the ribcage without pressing hard on their body, they have been hungry for too long.

You may notice your dog has a hunched posture with their head down. This activity is seen in dogs when they are hungry or underweight.

Wrapping Up

Do not leave your dog hungry; look for the signs we have listed above to know whether your dog is hungry and give them food. You should know that dogs have different diets, so your dog may not feel full even if you have fed them. You can consult a vet if your dog always shows these signs. A vet will guide you with a proper diet for your dog and make a schedule for you to feed your dog.

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