Top 5 Foods for Dogs in Summer to Keep Them Active and Healthy

Summer is an exciting time for your dog. The skies are clear, and everybody is outside, meaning your dog desperately wants to be outside, too. But dog bodies can heat up quickly, especially those with a heavy fur coating.

Fortunately, a few bites of the right food can keep your dog in perfect health throughout the active summer months. Let us look at the five best foods for dogs in Summer you can easily find and slice up for your fur member. 

Top 5 Foods for Dogs in Summer to Keep Them Active and Healthy

Certain fruits, as well as generic dog foods, are considered not only pleasing but also beneficial during the hot summer months. Here are some top foods for dogs in summer:

1. Watermelon

Cut up tiny cubes of the juicy, cooling watermelon and provide three or four to your dog at a time. Of course, this depends on the size of your dog since larger dogs will need to consume more, and smaller ones should only be given one or two sizes!

Watermelons are 90% water and help beat the heat when your dog is out exercising. Additionally, they contain the right amount of fiber and potassium for this season. Watermelons are also super foods because they have several vitamins like the B complex, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

2. Cucumber

These vegetables are packed with cooling vitamins. Vitamin C, B complex, E, and K are packed in each little slice. Cucumbers are also known for hydrating the body, moisturizing the skin, and improving the gut, helping humans and dogs.

Surprisingly, most dogs like the chewy, vegetable taste of raw cucumber. Since cucumbers improve the metabolism naturally, they can, on the one hand, be used to improve your dog’s energy levels and, on the other hand, help them lose extra weight!

3. Wet Gravy or Frozen Gravy

An alternative for dogs who don’t and can’t have vegetable supplements is wet gravy. Wet gravy includes the additional amount of water your dog needs in its food while also relieving its digestive system. They contain the best nutrients minus the heavy food matter.

Alternatively, you can make chicken broth or gravy and freeze it in tiny cubes before giving it to your dog. Now, your little fur ball has its flavored popsicle.

4. Blanched Mint Leaves

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way of cooling down your dog’s energetic system is to blanch some mint leaves in the drinks or wet treats you give to your dog. Mint not only cools down the body but also helps with canine digestion.

Too many mint leaves can be harmful, so only add one leaf in about 200-300ml of water. Just like the frozen broth cubes, you can put your mint water in the freezer to reduce the smell of mint before giving it to your dog. 

5. Pineapple

Dogs should never be given much sweet food, but pineapple is just the right amount in summer! This is because pineapples contain good carbohydrates and immunity-boosting amino acids. They also improve your dog’s respiratory system, a much-needed summer benefit.

Make sure to peel out the outer covering and chop the pineapple into tiny slices before you give it to your baby. Pineapples contain just enough fiber and nutrients to improve coat shine. 


These were some of the best foods for dogs in summer. It is essential to note that a good diet itself will not rid your baby of all summer problems. Frequent grooming, baths, and naps in relaxed indoor settings become a regular need when it is hot outside. Make sure to experiment with different likes and dislikes before you select one or more of these food items. Always give small bites to your dog and space out the offerings.

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